Sample construction bags (m/f/d), starting immediately

Training as an Industrial Clerk (m/f/d), starting from 01.09.2024

Training as a Machine and Plant Operator (m/f/d), starting from 01.09.2024.

What our employees say:

„The social element and contact with people is so beautiful. I come and go with joy! It does me good to work in a field where I feel accepted! I learn something new every day! I appreciate the social interaction here. Out of this, great friendships have emerged.“

Nacik C., Production – Welding Machine

„I enjoy the variety at my workplace.“

aj-300x300-1Alicia J., Production – Gluing Machine

„I am very glad that I ended up at IBA Hartmann GmbH. Above all, the familiar environment and the interaction with each other have won me over. Everyone is eager to teach me something and I have already got my own responsibilities. So far, I have not regretted my decision to start my training here for a moment.“

Martin H., Trainee – Industrial Salesperson (m/f/d)

„I particularly enjoy working with my colleagues in production. All tasks are enjoyable! Here in production, I work with people who are similar to me. I feel well taken care of here. I work with many people. We help each other. The plant manager always has an open ear. I work in two departments. I like getting along with the colleagues and the instructors. I look forward to coming to IBA every day!“

Ayten B., Production – Riveting Machine

„Working at IBA Hartmann means working together with my colleagues towards the company’s daily success. Our goal is to fulfill our customers‘ desires and to satisfy them. As a trainee, I am involved in many areas and can contribute to a variety of tasks.“

Jenni W., Trainee – Industrial Salesperson (m/f/d)

„I get to interact with other people and can try myself out in different work fields! I particularly enjoy working with my colleagues in production. All tasks are enjoyable! I appreciate the social interaction here. Out of this, great friendships have emerged. I enjoy the variety at my workplace.“

Öznur H., Production – Window Welding/Automat

„As a trainee at IBA Hartmann, we regularly work on projects independently.“

az-400x400-1Arbnor Z., Trainee – Industrial Salesperson (m/f/d)

„Various production methods create room for creativity. Flat hierarchies enable quick decisions.“

Marion D., Team Leader – iba TASCHEN

„Here I have a job and a certain degree of freedom. I like the social interaction with my colleagues! I can work independently here. I have a task! I learn something new every day! I produce quality products at my workplace.“

moe-300x300-1Mensure Ö., Production – Small Machines

„I enjoy the work. The atmosphere is good and I receive recognition!“

Robert M., Production – Foil Cutting

„Even after almost 35 years in sales, every day brings a new challenge to develop a product that is perfectly tailored to our customers. It is a pleasure to be able to use our expertise for this.“

a-brachert-400x400-1Andreas B., Sales iba TASCHEN

„I enjoy the variety at my workplace. Here I can work independently. I have a task! I like the work in the department. Here I can contribute my talents. I like the social interaction. Fun and teamwork are important in production.“

Sevgili P., Production – Welding Machine

„I find a great working atmosphere here. I receive good support and understanding for my personal situation!“

Hazan D., Production – Manual Labor

„By rotating through different departments, I get to know more and more friendly employees. The trainees get along great! Like all the other employees at IBA, they are very helpful.“

sy-300x300-1Selin Y., Trainee – Industrial Salesperson (m/f/d)