Wiring Harness Packaging | Top Quality

  • 100% custom wiring harness packaging.

  • Everything as you wish: design, function, material.

  • 1:1 prototyping/sample construction in Augsburg.

  • Top quality according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

  • Experience since 1955.


„We will no longer structure the series based on length, size, and width, but rather on the status of the electrical system. In the future, the nature of the electrical system will be more important than the hardware, meaning the automobile itself.“

Markus Duesmann, CEO Audi, Augsburger Allgemeine, 31.07.2020

Harness Packaging: durable, tear-resistant, and robust.

Wiring systems are the nervous systems of a car. They distribute the signals from sensors and control units.

Assembly requires a very high degree of care and caution to prevent damage. The iba harness packaging has been proven tools for all well-known car manufacturers for decades. Threaders, pouches, and wrapping cloths from IBA assist with the quick and safe installation of wiring systems. In complete custom-made, they facilitate the installation of arm-thick cable strands – around all corners and edges.

Our harness packaging is durable, tear-resistant, and robust. They can withstand quite a bit. This is ensured by threading aids, assembly bags, and structure bags. We use abrasion-resistant and ESD-capable* materials such as ESD-Tech and Multifil. With Multifil, we even achieve 750,000 Martindale test abrasion cycles. We also use cotton, mesh, and our developments.

Fit and protection in particularly hard-to-reach places are the top priority for wiring harness packaging. We know that – and produce your harness casing solution according to your individual requirements.

*ESD, Electrostatic Discharge

Companies that trust in bags from iba hartmann:

What our clients are saying:

“I would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation and would be happy to recommend you as a contact person for supporting my colleagues.”

Marcus E., Motor vehicle manufacturer, Bavaria

The 3 steps to your cable harness encasement:


Your requirements:

Is easy, quick access to the content important? Which bag contents should be particularly protected? Accordingly, our recommendation varies for the model of the harness, the layout of the bag interior, the positioning of exterior pockets, etc.
What are the suitable materials? Should the surfaces be smooth and frictionless to handle on the line, or is an ESD material recommended to protect the electronic components? Of course, both are possible.
And last but not least: Which closure options will be used?
We are happy to consult with you and develop the perfect harness packaging which can exactly meet your needs.


The practical test:

Only reality counts! Even the most sophisticated testing methods cannot replace a user/application test under real conditions. This is the main reason why we work with 1:1 prototypes, designed and produced in IBA Hartmann’s prototyping by our master fine bag maker. The prototypes correspond 1:1 to the samples of the subsequent series production.

Now, it’s time to confront the harness packaging with all the adversities it will encounter during its lifetime. We are happy to take the necessary time for this. Ultimately, you decide which details need to be improved for the series. In the end, we will jointly develop your perfect packaging.