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  • Tool bags 100% customizable.

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  • Over 60 years of experience.

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iba tool bags: Your ideal companions in craftsmanship and service.

The right tool at the right time and in the right place. We ensure this with our suitable tool and accessory bags. Designed and produced for you in our custom bag manufacturing, our IBA tool bags are the perfect companions for craftsmen, rescue workers, service technicians, assembly specialists… and not least for your customers themselves.

Of course, we gladly print or embroider your bags with your company logo or – if desired – individually with another design. Make your tool bag a promotional item. Permanently. We would be happy to advise you on the selection and concept of the right tool bag specifically for you, for your company. In our IBA PROTOTYPING, we define the first steps, we define the initial implementations, to touch, to test for all upcoming tasks.

Printed tool bags – Implementation examples:

Companies that trust in bags from iba hartmann:

What our customers are saying:

“I am always positively amazed at how well you think ahead and work proactively. This is really exceptionally good! Thank you.”

Julian S., Automotive Supplier, Wolfsburg

The 3 steps to your tool bag:


What You Need:

Perhaps you’re currently just using a standard tool bag? Somehow the tools fit inside, but they don’t quite “sit” right. You would have preferred the bag in a dark blue, but it was only available in black. During procurement, you imagined a metal logo on the bag, but now have a blurry screen print on the bag for your employees and customers.

The good news: We at IBA Hartmann produce individual tool bags, tool belts, and assembly bags for you – exactly as you want them. The only standard we have is quality.


The Prototype:

Our field staff sat down with you at a table. You showed and explained the contents to us. We have made the perfect prototype for you. This is designed and manufactured in-house by masters of their craft. Every seam is in place, the material is right, everything works as we discussed it together. You can now fully test the sample bag in practice. If after the test you find that everything is as you wished, simply release the sample for series production.


Serial Production:

After the production release of your prototype, you can relax. We take care of everything else. The divided materials are ordered, patterns are duplicated, the right thread is put in the sewing machines, and everything is gathered, glued, and sewn together. All you have to do now is to receive the delivery of your individual tool bags.

These are your advantages with iba hartmann TASCHEN:


Tool bags for professional use:

For decades, we at IBA Hartmann have been successfully developing tool bags in all designs. Our staff not only brings a lot of experience. Creativity and expertise are also among our core competencies. Our concern is to advise you optimally. In this way, we develop exactly the tool bag you need and that exactly corresponds to what you imagined. Only when you are satisfied are we too.


DIN ISO 9001: 2015 & PSC certified.

Did you know that DIN stands for the “German Institute for Standardization”? That is, the DIN 9001 specifies standardized process flows. Every certified company must demonstrate compliance with these defined processes in order to become and remain certified. What does that mean for you? Quite simply: Transparent workflows and the safety that every piece from your series production consists of standardized quality.

Our Product Safety & Conformity (PSC) officer knows exactly what matters. He masters product integrity management and can also give appropriate recommendations in case of complications in the manufacturing process.


The tool bag that fits exactly:

Our well-rehearsed team at IBA Hartmann BAGS has already implemented numerous projects into functional and visually appealing tool bags. During our detailed consultation, you will not only get help with your idea. We also provide you with clever ideas that make your bag even better. Only when everything fits and works exactly as you imagine it, are we satisfied with our work.

Questions & Answers:

Where are tool bags used?

Tool bags are used, for example, in the IT sector for computer repairs. They are also very popular on construction sites, including tool belts, in breweries (for beer quality testing tools), or for emergency kits and accessories in the automotive sector.

Can large tools also fit in a tool bag?

Of course. For example, the fire department needs very large tool bags for their hydraulic rescue devices. In the event of accidents, a disaster or air rescue, rescue shears, spreaders and aggregates must be safely stowed away and easily accessible.

How does a tool bag differ from a tool case?

Since a tool bag is usually made of flexible materials in different shapes, it has 1 or 2 handles or a carrying handle. It can be worn around the waist with a belt and has as many inside units as you wish. A tool case, on the other hand, usually consists of 2 parts. As a robust container with a resealable lid, it often has various units for different types of tools. One or more handles make it easy to carry or pull. Almost all tool cases can be locked with a lock (combination lock or key).

What materials do you use for your IBA tool bags?

Depending on the application and content, we equip our IBA tool bags with nylon, polyester, imitation leather, leather, tarpaulin or tarpaulin.

Do the IBA tool bags have belt loops?

If you want belt loops for your IBA tool bag, we are ha