PP Non-Woven Bags

  • 100% individual PP non-woven bags.

  • Customizable exterior & interior.

  • In-house prototyping.

  • Experience since 1955.

  • Top quality, brilliant execution.


Companies that trust in bags from iba hartmann:

Here’s What Our Clients Say:

“The validation of the customer backpack has been done with very positive feedback regarding implementation and functionality.”

Virginie P., Pharmaceutical Industry, Frankfurt/Main

“I would like to express a big compliment to you and your employees in between. Your commitment is perfect in other projects as well.”

Hubert G., Electronics Manufacturer, Ulm

“Many thanks for the drawing. Let me say you surprise me again positively.”

Barbara N., International Automotive Supplier

“Thank you for your efforts in the current, difficult situation for everyone! This is the best possible approach.”

Fabienne K., Car Manufacturer, Bavaria

“Wow, that sounds good. Thanks for the super nice and competent advice.”

Markus T., Motorcycle manufacturer

“I am also very grateful because of your job
It was such a long way, but it was successful finally and I am also thankful because you always find solutions for the appearing problems.”

David S., International Automotive Supplier

“I’m really always positively surprised how well you think along and work forward. That’s really particularly good! Thank you.”

Julian S., Automotive Supplier, Wolfsburg

“Great – thank you for your professional handling of the problem.”

Rainer M., Advertising Agency, Ulm

“Great, what would I do without you.”

Ruth H., Producer

“Thank you very much for the super fast help. I was able to finish the document. Brilliant. Thanks.”

Sebastian A., Pharma, Frankfurt

“Great, thank you for the good explanation and the pictures of the materials.
Oh yes, a sample would be great for this, then it will be clear to everyone what it will look like in the end.”

Davina W., Chemistry, Böblingen

“I thank you for the very good cooperation and recommend you as a contact for aid devices to my colleagues.”

Marcus E., Car Manufacturer, Bavaria

“Again, the very best thanks for the great and timely cooperation on our project.
It was fun working with you on the first topic. I’m looking forward to new upcoming topics with you.”

Siegfried M., BW-Supplier

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