Cool bags

  • 100% custom cool bags.

  • Everything tailored to your needs:
    design, functionality, material.

  • 1:1 prototyping/sample production in Augsburg.

  • Experience since 1955.

  • Top quality, brilliant execution.


Cool bags made to measure for you.

Fancy a refreshment? What could be closer than this classic for promotions. The cool bag transports, protects, and keeps things cool. Designed for beer, soft drinks, water, yogurt, soft drinks, six-packs, and ice cream, the cool bag is also a practical and promotional packaging with a long-lasting secondary use effect for cosmetics, medicines, frozen products, and chocolate.

The individual cool bags are always in demand.

Our tip: Cool bags are also perfect as packaging in the non-food sector, so we have already packed dowels, building materials, writing instruments, and fitness equipment in cool bags. And after everything is used up, these packaging materials are further used: on a bike trip, during the daily snack break, or at the tennis court, lake, beach… As versatile in their initial use as well as in their long-lasting use, an exclusive cool bag!

Cool bags, made in Augsburg.

At IBA, we know cool bags in all their facets: So it may well happen that you come across a Coca-Cola cool bag from the 70s every now and then at rest stops or during a picnic, not retro, no, actually over 40 years old, still in top condition, “made by iba, Augsburg”.

Companies that trust in bags from iba hartmann:

What our customers say:

“I am also very grateful because of your job 😊
It was such a long way, but it was successful finally and I am also thankful because you always find solutions for the appearing problems.”

David S., Automotive Supplier, international

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