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Leo Geier
– Nördl. Baden-Württemberg –
+49 (0) 172 – 4 09 94 25

Engineering drawings.


The construction drawings from iba hartmann TASCHEN contain all the necessary information for the production and description of the required functions. By using 3D graphic programs (3D-CAD – Brics CAD), we enable the perspective representation of objects.

This way, you always have everything together at a glance and the certainty for precise work.


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    Every product undergoes a final quality check.

Your benefits:

We see ourselves as a full-service partner, which means our task does not end after the production of your bag.

  • In addition, we are happy to take on these additional tasks:
  • The assembly of bags and inlays/contents
  • The selection of the optimal (shipping) packaging for your product
  • The application of labels and EAN codes
  • The shipping and postage optimization
  • The on-demand storage
  • The integration with EDIFACT or similar EDI standards
  • The management of safety stocks, even at separate warehouse locations.

Our offer:

The, creation, production, and storage of your iba bags.

Collecting and packing the desired content.

Defining the optimal (shipping) packaging for your product.

Applying labels and EAN codings.

Handling shipping and postage optimization.

Storage and delivery as per request.


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    Our Logistics Team
of heated storage and logistics areas with high floor load capacity.
ceiling height. Loading is possible via a ramp and on ground level.

Your benefits:

We are happy to be your system partner. In addition to the product, this includes packaging, possible storage, and (individual) shipping.

We are able to handle general cargo and packages, collective mailings, and worldwide requests – even in large quantities.

We fulfill your service requests.

We fulfill your logistics requirements.

Your benefit: A single IBA contact person (for everything).

All from one source. You will not incur any effort for coordination and administration.

Our offer:

Order the total quantity once, multiple partial retrievals within deadlines.

The amalgamation of content, product, and packaging.

Global deliveries and scheduled shipments with tracking.

Single package dispatches or bulk dispatches (truck loadings).

Setting up and stocking emergency warehouses. This includes the independent disposition of safety stocks, separate storage locations, permanent availability and delivery guarantee within 24 hours. Your advantage:

In this way, we are able to deliver bulk shipments and call-off shipments on a larger scale at any time as needed. We meet your logistics requirements. You have one point of contact. You receive everything from one source and save yourself the effort of coordination and administration.