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    Taschen, Etuis, Hüllen, Koffer & mehr in Sonderanfertigung mit Ihrem Druckmotiv.

Bags, cases, covers, suitcases – custom-made

At iba hartmann TASCHEN, everything takes place in-house, from the idea to advice and prototyping. As a result, we always ensure the high quality of our bags and professional service. As a specialist in individual bags, we support you in finding ideas. We design and create individual and perfect prototypes with you that exactly match your ideas. In this way, we also avoid problems in subsequent series production. If you are looking for the perfect bag for your company, contact us directly. For us, it doesn’t matter whether it’s college bags, cases for blood glucose meters, nutrition backpacks, tool bags or emergency bags as well as rescue bags.

iba hartmann TASCHEN ensures the perfect bag according to your wishes!

Technical Bags.

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    Bordnetzverpackungen: Fädelhilfen, Packtaschen, Wickeltücher

Bags made for professional use.

Our special bags are individually tailored to your needs. From cases for blood glucose meters to insert and rescue bags. If effective work is part of your everyday life, then function and technology are in the foreground. That is why iba TASCHEN works with you to design and create the perfect bag for your application.


So einfach funktionierts!

Reine Perfektion.

Wir setzen uns zusammen und
entwickeln Ihre perfekte Tasche.

Promotional bags

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    Sporttaschen, Reisetaschen angefertigt und bedruckt nach Ihren Wünschen.

Promotional bags made to be seen.

Our promotional bags stay in the hand and in the mind of your customers. We offer you the perfect bag as an advertising medium, tailored to your needs. Are you looking for the college bag that exactly meets your requirements? Then we will be happy to advise you and adapt to your needs. We know all types of bags and we will clothe your specific content for you. Regardless of whether you need a bag for a laptop, tablet, smartphone or something completely different.

Im Kopf bleiben?

Wir haben was Sie brauchen!

Gesehen werden.

Positionieren Sie sich im Alltag
mit individuellen Werbetaschen.

Prototyping – ideas you can touch!


The design of your new bag.

From the drawing to the production. Our specialists develop product samples that exactly suit you. Because here the existing is rethought and new things are developed every day. Years of experience and a lot of love for detail turn an idea into your personal bag prototype.

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We are iba hartmann taschen.


At iba TASCHEN, we love bags and their diversity. We have exactly the bag you need! A little bit of it? A little greener? Backpack or shopper? Plane or PP woven? You tell us the content and the task. With this information, we will sew exactly the bag that suits you. From the actual transport bag to the purely stylish and inexpensive advertising medium.